My dog doesn't seem to enjoy his new kennel? No worries, you aren't alone!

My dog doesn't seem to enjoy his new kennel? No worries, you aren't alone!

Our best friends are just like most people and change can be stressful! There's many ways you can help your best friend enjoy his new 5 star Howl-tel.

Just like most of us, our best friends aren't always keen on change! It can be a little stressful for some dogs to make the transition at first but there are some easy ways to help them get comfortable with their new space faster!

One of the easiest ways to quickly build your best friends confidence up in their new space is to remove the door! Kennels with our barn door design are easily removable and also let the kennel function as more of a doggie day bed.

Removing the door for a short time to help them adjust can give your dog the peace of mind that they have the coice to come and go as they become acquainted with thier new space.

Another great way to help them feel that level of ownership in their new space is adding personal items of your own into the kennel while it's left open in their free time to encourage them to step inside. We don't recommend leaving items inside when you will be away, just for their open door time to build comfort and leave some of your scent inside.

Toys and treats go a long way as well building up their trust and excitement to spend time in their new space.

A dog's kennel should serve as a safe space for them, with a little encouragement they are happy to utilize their new space! If you have tried all of the tips above and are still struggling with your pup feeling comfortable in their new kennel, please reach out and we would be happy to provide one on one assitance with your situation!

If you really like to keep an eye on your dog while you are away, we can always add cameras and treat dispensers to allow you to connect with your best friend and show them some love from anywhere!