Single Kennels

Single Kennels

A Kennel made just for you in Bismarck, ND.

Our single kennels are hand made with love and care for you and your best friend. We can get as extravagant or as simple as you would like! Many people come to us not knowing what exactly they are looking for and that's the best part about choosing Two Brothers Custom Kennels, LLC! We can design a kennel that fits your style and space from the ground up.

Come to us with an idea or let us run with ours!

We can create something more functional than just a kennel for you as well. We can create a kennel that has shelving units in it as well so you can decorate it to fit your space or have more room to store things. Often times customers reach out looking for a kennel that works like a piece of furniture in their home. Many time we are replacing something they had their before with a kennel that meets their needs.

We want to build you a kennel that feels like a true piece of your home and fits the aesthetic of your home.

Just fill out the form below if you would like to consult with us on a single kennel. Please be as detailed as you can if you have specific requests, we will reach out to you within a week of receiving your submission. We appreciate the opportunity to work together with you to build a home within a home.